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Category: Portfolio

Capturing Joy: MAITRIX Productions at the World Happiness Summit

At the World Happiness Summit on London’s South Bank, MAITRIX Productions not only streamed interviews and sessions live but also captured the vibrant atmosphere and key moments of this influential event, contributing significantly to its global outreach.

Amplifying Voices in Wellbeing: MAITRIX Productions Partners with the World Wellbeing Movement

In partnership with the World Wellbeing Movement, MAITRIX Productions proudly hosts podcasts that delve into the insights of global wellbeing leaders. Recorded in our state-of-the-art studios, guests have included figures like Lord Gus O’Donnell and Unilever’s Chief Health Officer Diana Han, providing thought-provoking discussions in the field of wellness.

Pedaling Toward Creativity: How MAITRIX Productions Brought a Fresh Spin to VidCon Interviews

At VidCon, MAITRIX Productions took a creative turn interviewing YouTube’s top influencers. By integrating smoothie bikes into the setup, influencers enjoyed blending their own smoothies while engaging in lively discussions with our presenter, Susan Hickey. This innovative approach not only entertained but also resonated well with both influencers and audiences.

Bringing the World Wellbeing Policy Forum to Life at The Shard: A Glimpse into the Future of Global Health Policies

Capturing the essence of high-profile gatherings, MAITRIX Productions was at the heart of the prestigious World Wellbeing Policy Forum, utilizing BMPCC 6K cameras and Ronin Gimbals to record the event’s ambiance. The inaugural event at the London School of Economics featured luminaries such as American Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and the UK’s Lord Richard Layard, offering a glimpse into the minds shaping global wellbeing policies.

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