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Post: Crafting Intrigue: MAITRIX Studios Hosts a Masterclass on True Crime Podcasting

Crafting Intrigue: MAITRIX Studios Hosts a Masterclass on True Crime Podcasting


True crime has captivated the imagination of audiences worldwide, making it one of the most popular podcast genres. Recognizing this trend, MAITRIX Productions hosted an exclusive live-streamed series on crafting True Crime podcasts. This series provided a platform for expert crime writers and podcast producers from around the globe to share their insights and techniques.

The Series Concept

The “How to Create True Crime Podcasts” series was designed to dissect the elements that make for a gripping true crime story. Featuring sessions with renowned professionals such as Sky’s Head of Podcasts Rob Mulherne, Australian investigative journalist Sharon Davis, and Third Ear’s Kristen Molten from Denmark, the series offered a comprehensive look at the storytelling, research, and production skills necessary for success in this genre.

The Guests and Content

Each episode focused on a different aspect of true crime podcasting. From initial research and scriptwriting to the ethical considerations of storytelling, the series covered the gamut of challenges and creative decisions that true crime podcasters face. Guests shared personal anecdotes about their most challenging projects and offered practical advice on engaging audiences with ethical and compelling narratives.

The Interactive Format

What set this series apart was its interactive format. MAITRIX Studios facilitated live Q&A sessions via social media, allowing aspiring podcasters and true crime enthusiasts from around the world to engage directly with the experts. This interactive element enriched the learning experience, fostering a community atmosphere and enabling real-time feedback and discussion.

The Production Quality

Filmed live at MAITRIX Studios, the production quality of the series was paramount. The use of professional-grade equipment ensured that the audio and visual delivery was crisp and clear, making the detailed discussions and presentations accessible and enjoyable for viewers across various platforms.

The Impact

The series quickly gained traction, with thousands of registrations from individuals eager to learn about true crime podcasting. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many participants praising the depth of information and the accessibility of the experts. The series not only educated but also inspired a new wave of podcasters ready to explore the true crime genre.

Audience Engagement

Following the live sessions, MAITRIX Productions continued to engage with the audience by providing access to recorded sessions and additional resources. This ongoing engagement helped maintain interest and momentum in the series, creating lasting value for participants.


MAITRIX Productions’ True Crime Podcasting series has established itself as a seminal event for both seasoned and aspiring podcasters. By combining expert insights with high production values and interactive elements, MAITRIX has contributed significantly to the professional development of countless individuals interested in the art of true crime storytelling.

Looking Forward

Encouraged by the success of the series, MAITRIX Productions plans to continue offering similar educational events, expanding into other genres and incorporating even more interactive and multimedia elements to enhance the learning experience.